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Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates Customized to Your Business


Social media is just as important for businesses as your website. Whereas five years ago potential customers went to your website to get an impression of your business, they now go to your social media sites as well. As with your website, your social media accounts need to be kept updated so potential customers can easily get a feel for everything you have to offer.

Sarah Lanse Designs understands that social media can be overwhelming. Signing up for accounts is only part of the game. You do not need to be everywhere, nor do you need to try to do it all at once. Sarah Lanse Designs can help you set yourself up for success. That means not taking on more than you can handle. Your social media updates need to be done regularly and with meaningful content.  Sarah Lanse Designs can help you figure out which sites will be best for your business so you can better focus your time and energy. We don’t just help you sign up for accounts; we can set you up with a social media plan so you have a template of what to post, when to post it and on which social media site.

Sarah Lanse Designs also knows that many businesses don’t have the time for social media updates. We can take the pressure off of you while keeping your social media accounts fresh. We work with you to create a social media plan with customized content that fits your business and helps you stand out. It’s as if you’re doing all the work in-house!

We can even write custom blog posts to help you gain traction as an expert in your industry. Blog posts are a top way to improve search engine rankings and keep your website and social media sites updated.


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