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Website Design Principles


Your website is the hub for your business’ entire digital identity. It is the source where people find your name, address and contact information. Your website should contain links to your social media accounts and be optimized to gain your business the most attention possible. Sarah Lanse Designs relies on the following principles when creating websites:

1)  Design for the Customer: There are a lot of options available for website design and it can be overwhelming. Sarah Lanse Designs is dedicated to ensuring the website meets your needs and contains all of the elements you need. We make recommendations for the design, but it is ultimately up to you. Our goal is to keep clients involved throughout the process so there are never any surprises.

2)  Professional Look at Affordable Prices: Sarah Lanse Designs wants to help small businesses get discovered, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. We want you to have the best website for your needs at the most affordable prices. We guarantee our websites will look great and perform superbly.

3)  Design for Multiple Platforms: Gone are the days when you need separate websites for computer and mobile platforms. Now, you can make one design work for all of your needs, saving you money and time on the design process.

4)  Giving you the Reins: Once your website is up and running, we’ll teach you how to make the updates necessary to keep your site fresh. Need to add a product? Update your blog? You don’t need to go through Sarah Lanse designs for the day-to-day upkeep of your site with our customized, easy-to-follow instructions.

5)  Great Customer Service: Sarah Lanse Designs is committed to top-of-the line customer service. We will respond to your email inquiries within 24 hours and are dedicated to meeting all of your website design needs. We want to help you succeed.

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