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Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic Website Design

By on Apr 16, 2014 in All Posts, Website Design

Why Your Small Business Needs A Dynamic Website Design


Having a website is no longer just a great idea for businesses; it’s a necessity. Three decades ago, if you wanted to get found, you had an advertisement in the Yellow Pages. But let’s be honest, when’s the last time you pulled out the Yellow Pages to search for a business? The reason is that the internet has become the tool customers and potential customers use to find your business. That should not come as a surprise. The issue now is that your website cannot just be a simple, static page. Website design is dynamic. You need a site that has regular updates and changes with the times. Websites should never be “set and forget.” That worked back in the 1990’s, but today, that can work against you for several reasons:

1)      You need keyword optimized content that the search sites can index. They are constantly searching for new content, so businesses with newer content will get a priority in search results. You won’t get found online if the search engines don’t have updated information.

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2)      Your website is your first impression. First impressions matter. If someone is interested in doing business with your company, he or she will often search for you online. A professional website (or your social media channels) will likely be the first impression your company gives off. A bad or outdated website can be an instant turnoff and could keep a potential customer from even considering working with your company.

3)      Customers will think you’re outdated. People have an expectation of fresh content. If someone comes to your website and sees that it hasn’t been updated, that leaves a negative impact. For example, I recently went to a company’s site looking for some dog training classes, but the most recent information they had was for classes that took place three months ago. Their links to sign up for classes didn’t have any upcoming classes, so I have no way of knowing if I can sign up for training and am now pursuing other options.

4)      Your website is a hub. Websites these days are more than just a homepage with your business’s name and address. They’re the hub of all your online activity. Websites should be designed to include easy access to your social media content, newsletters, ads, deals and anything else related to your business. Websites are essentially a one-stop shop for all of the information someone might want to know about your company.

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5)      Blogs will help you get noticed. One of the best ways to keep your website dynamic is by writing a blog on a regular basis. Daily might not be necessary, but you do want to update with some frequency. Blogs can be written for SEO (search engine optimization) and can help you gain better ranking on those search engines as mentioned above.

Overall, your website is a showcase of your company’s message. It is a starting point for all communication for your business and potentially the first link future customers have with you. Dynamic website design doesn’t need to be expensive; it just needs to be done correctly.

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