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Your Tweet Needs Context

Your Tweet Needs Context

By on Nov 18, 2014 in All Posts, Social Media

Your Tweet Needs ContextYour Tweet needs context. I cannot tell you how many times I see businesses send out Tweets with a link and nothing else. No description of what I will be clicking or why I should click on that link. Just a link with no context. My first thought: the account has been hacked or it’s spam. It turns out that many businesses just assume that customers, followers and users will click on their link no matter what. However, a tweeted link with no context is just asking to be overlooked.

You don’t need a lot of information on why someone should click on that link. In fact, with Twitter you are limited to 140 characters, including your text, hashtags, links and any punctuation so you need to be brief. But your Tweet needs context no matter what. Maybe you add a couple of words like “the funniestYour Tweet Needs Context thing you’ll watch today,” or “check out our latest sale items.” Regardless of what you plan to Tweet, you need to tell Twitter users why they need to click on your link (and in case it needs stating, typing “click here” followed by a link does not count). You also need relevant hashtags in order to get your Tweet noticed.

The bottom line is that you want your company to be relevant when you Tweet. In order to do that, you need content that will entice your followers, whether it’s a tip or a link. Links are fine; they just need context to achieve their desired goal.

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